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Steve and Deborah Gilchrist

Retired elementary teachers/vice-principal, now urban farmers,  musicians, stock market portfolios manager, tennis player, skilled cook, sailors, world travelers, hosts to Couchsurfers and Helpx travelers from Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand.

Our favourite charities are Kiva and AMSF:

"Proud uncle" links to nephews and nieces with internet presence:

Kenton - music composer for film
2014 Leo Award Winner, "Best Original Score" for Anxious Oswald Greene

Lara - actress (see  IMDb, google and wikipedia) - May 2012 Leo Award nominee

Davin - Chiropractor and owner of  Martinson Health Centre
award winning photographer

Andrea - partner in the
Anders Victoria Family Chiropractic clinic (many good health articles on their Facebook page.